"I exist as I am. That is enough" --Walt Whitman

It’s nice that I’m sleeping deeper and waking up well rested. It’s not so nice that, when I sleep deeper my nightmares are worse. So, I’m waking up more rested, but traumatized.

Time to watch some videos of interesting beetles to get my mind off of things.

Not so sure what I was going for with this facial expression. I'll call it

I changed my hair! After some recent terrible-ness, I really needed a drastic change. I don’t usually like “unnatural” reds, but it’s such a pretty colour that I can’t help it—I just love it.

It looks like when you bite into a plum: purple-y/red.

Not so happy about the fact that I look a bit like a creepy porn star in these pictures, though. Super weird.

It’s bigger on the inside. (at the way station)

It’s bigger on the inside. (at the way station)